let’s build a sustainable future for arts in eastern north carolina

individual Membership

Arts of the Pamlico counts on supporters like you to help us bring our community together – people of all ages and backgrounds – to read and write, to listen deeply, and to bring forward the voices we all need to hear. Sixty percent of our annual revenue comes from charitable donations. Please join us to power another year of inspiration, conversation, and community. 


Patrons are special guardians, protectors, and supporters, and we honor many of our members who have made the decision to step into this large role, and support the arts. No matter how you give we thank you, and we humbly ask that you consider becoming a Patron donor. Choose from the list of Patron level memberships here, 

If the contribution you would like to make is not represented here, please contact us to set up a bank draft for a monthly donation as an AOP Sustainer. Endowment options also available for individuals and families. Contact Lexie Buck at l.buckaop@gmail.com for details.

Paving the way, one piece at a time 

Our supports are the foundation of everything we do here at Arts of the Pamlico. Giving credit where it is due and recognizing the contributions of our supporters we’ve developed the the paver program  to highlight and proclaim to all of the visitors, performers, and passersby just what an amazing community of arts enthusiasts Arts of the Pamlico serves. If a romantic spirit of creative is alite within you, we hope you will consider etching a commemorative paver with the name of your family, organization, or company today!


We are committed to preserving the amazing community asset we call our home, The Turnage Theater. With the help and ongoing support of our members, the theater has been expertly restored to its original movie palace splendor, and is now the launching pad for a rich and diverse schedule of entertainment and events.

Help us continue the stewardship of this, the crowning jewel of our city, by purchasing an engraved seat plaque today. The plaques are a subtle and lasting way to memorialize our shared heritage, and preserve a legacy of creativity for decades to come.


AOP is supported by a lean staff of volunteers who help with everything from answering phones and to ticket taking and event production. If you want to support your local arts community by volunteering please fill out our volunteer form and tell us about how we can work together to connect art, culture, & community.