Youth Safety

The Beaufort County Arts Council (BCAC) will ensure that all youth participating in programming provided by the Council are safeguarded from physical, sexual, and emotional harm. We value each young person and will be a safe, welcoming space for all youth.

All adults (staff and volunteers) working with youth at the BCAC will:

– Pass a background check at the expense of the BCAC.
– Treat all youth with respect.
– Provide a good example of respectful behavior.
– Ensure there are always 2 adults present on in line of sight when interacting with youth.
– Be an example of understanding and empathy when sensitive themes arise in artistic work.
– With the understanding that even well-intentioned and caring physical contact may be misinterpreted or unwelcome by the youth, staff and volunteers will not initiate physical contact with any youth, but may accept physical contact initiated by a youth in forms like high-fives, a-frame hugs, and fist-bumps.
– Copy a caregiver and BCAC staff on any communication with a youth.
– Create an environment where youth are seen, heard, and allowed to find their creative voice in whatever form that takes.

Staff and Volunteers working with youth at the BCAC will NOT:

– Permit abusive behavior such as bullying, taunting, racist behavior
– Have inappropriate physical or verbal contact with children or young people
– Show favoritism to any individual
– Make suggestive remarks or actions, even in jest
– Communicate via social media with minors


Permission will be sought from parents for the use of photographic/video material featuring children for promotional and archival or other purposes. BCAC will handle, store, and dispose of sensitive information with care. No photography of any kind will be allowed in dressing rooms or other changing areas.


Young performers and their families will be advised of the clothing and footwear appropriate to the costume design of the show. They should be advised of undergarments that will make them comfortable when changing backstage or in the dressing rooms.

Mandated Reporting:

A mandated reporter must call immediately, but no later than 24 hours after they suspect that maltreatment may have occurred. The mandated reporter must follow up with a written report within 72 hours.

A report can be made to your local county social service agency or to law enforcement. If it is an emergency, call the police at 911.

Procedure for Reporting Accident or Injury:

If any young person has an accident or injury that requires more than a band-aid or ice pack, it should be discussed with your supervisor by filling out an accident report. Please update your supervisor anytime you contact a parent about an accident or injury as the supervisor is available to help and or provide follow-up with the family if needed.